Apps for the Ubuntu Phone

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Preparing Qt Creator

You don't need to install qmlscene separately, because it ends up with the initially installed Qt 5 version in the /opt/qt5/bin directory. You'll pass this location on to Qt Creator: Start Qt Creator with Dash and then choose the menu item Tools | External .

On the External Tools tab, select Qt Quick | Preview (qmlviewer) . A double-click changes the selection to Preview (qmlscene) , which later becomes a menu item in Qt Creator. Next to the Executable: entry, click Browse and navigate to the /opt/qt5/bin directory where you'll find qmlscene . Click Open , then OK .

You can now create your first project by clicking File | New File or Project in the menus. Under Projects | Applications , select Qt Quick UI in the right-hand pane. Next, you'll need to give the project an appropriate name. In his tutorial, David Planella describes how you can create a currency converter called CurrencyConverter [4].

You need write permissions on the computer where you're creating the app. For example, this could be in the /home/{USER}/qml directory. To manage the code and its versions, you can also use a version control tool such as Bazaar [5].

Hello World!

After you've successfully completed the previous steps, a document opens that already contains code. Unfortunately, you can't execute this code using Tools | External | External Tools | Qt Quick | Preview (qmlviewer) , because it's out of date (Figure 1). The working code from Planella's app [4] is in Listing 1. Simply replace the code with his, and then you can then use the preview function to view it.

Listing 1


01 import QtQuick 2.0
02 import Ubuntu.Components 0.1
04 Rectangle {
05     id: root
06     width:
07     height:
08     color: "lightgray"
10     property real margins:
11     property real buttonWidth:
13     Label {
14        id: title
15        ItemStyle.class: "title"
16        text:"Currency Converter")
17        height: contentHeight + root.margins
18        anchors {
19            left: parent.left
20            right: parent.right
21            top:
22        }
23     }
24 }
Figure 1: You can develop your first apps for "Ubuntu for phones" using the QML Toolkit.

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