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Cumulus Clouds - Perfect setup and installation of ownCloud 9


ownCloud makes it possible to operate a private cloud on an intranet of almost any size. All you need is a standard LAMP environment, which comes with almost every Linux server.


Pro Phone - Reviewing the new Meizu Pro 5 Ubuntu Phone


Meizu is well known for its generously equipped smartphones and excellent workmanship. The previous generation, Meizu MX4, was also a powerful device that ran with Ubuntu. However, inadequate software support prevented the MX4 from realizing its full potential. With the release of the Pro 5, do things work better this time around?

Nickolay Khoroshkov –

Hands Free - An accessible keyboard for your desktop


Dasher users learn to "type" smoothly without a keyboard. The program works with mouse, touchpad, mouth and eye movement, and (soon) brain-computer interfaces.

Prin Pattawaro –

Pretty Polly - Playing with Parrot Security OS


The latest release of Parrot Security OS has some extremely colorful plumage, which will appeal to both hackers and lay users interested in their systems' safety.

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Full Steam Ahead - 3D games with and without Steam: Ark, Cities: Skylines, and 0 A.D.


Linux systems are well suited for use as a robust platform for computing work and software development. When it comes to gaming, however, most people prefer Windows. Current 3D games with and without Steam support show that this is no longer the case.

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First Aid - Repairing images with Resynthesizer and G'MIC


If you want to remove areas from a motif inconspicuously, then plugins like Resynthesizer and G'MIC can help by providing the right tools.

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That's Entertainment - Multimedia components and proprietary programs


You can watch movies, play music and place calls over the Internet with ease with Ubuntu. You just have to load the right software packages onto your computer. We present some of our favorite multimedia apps.


Clear Skies - Pydio is a free cloud solution


Most cloud solutions for small networks are based on ownCloud or, less frequently, Seafile. Pydio is the third open source product trying to gain a foothold as a cloud solution.

Kheng Ho Toh,

Active Traffic - NetworkManager and system updates


With NetworkManager, you can access the Internet during the Ubuntu installation process. The first step is to download updates to make your system more secure.

Pei Ling Hoo,

Today's Specials - Software management in Ubuntu 16.04


The new Ubuntu Software app lets you install just about anything, including free software, purchased apps, and games.

Issue #30

Cover Theme: Your Cloud: Set Up Your Very Own Online Storage

DVD/CD: The Complete Ubuntu User Archive

Love your Cloud: Despite the fact you should be wary of corporate-based cloud services, there is really no reason you should not enjoy the convenience the cloud has to offer. In t...

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