Tyler Olson, 123RF

Transfers - Sync files between devices with Syncthing


The open source software Syncthing synchronizes files among a wide variety of devices. It accomplishes this task with significantly more flexibility than popular online services such as Dropbox.

Tatiana Popova, 123RF

Remote Control - Managing servers with built-in tools


Managing multiple computers can often be accomplished just by using SSH, etc. You don't necessarily need to have a big, complex solution like Puppet or Cfengine.

Darya Petrenko,

Bunsen Burner - BunsenLabs Hydrogen โ€“ CrunchBang's lightweight successor


BunsenLabs Linux is a community continuation of CrunchBang. Like its predecessor, BunsenLabs is based on the stable version of Debian, in this case, Debian Jessie. It is also appealing thanks to its radically modified Openbox window manager.

Brian Jackson, 123RF

Diagnostics - Dstat helps you figure out why your computer is running slow


Dstat helps identify bottlenecks that hide in the complex interplay of CPU, hard drive and network. Thanks to an extensive number of parameters, the program is also suitable for monitoring a server.

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Sergey Jarochkin, 123RF

Block & Slice - Using OpenSCAD to model 3D structures


The program OpenSCAD makes it possible to construct 3D objects via just a few commands. STL Exporter makes the software interesting for users who have a 3D printer.

Alice Day, 123RF

Print in Progress - Scribus 1.5 is becoming the best open source DTP program


The open source DTP software Scribus is back on the stage with a much improved import capability for file formats and many more functions for use in the professional realm. The beta version discussed here promises good things for the future.

Iurii Kovalenko,

Lift Off! - Scripting around your Launchpad project


Launchpad is a great way to get bleeding-edge and niche software for your Ubuntu, but it also provides a complete API, which allows you to write scripts to automate your access. We look into the Python 3 bindings for the Launchpad API.

Installation Party - Installing Ubuntu 15.10


Ubuntu 15.10 offers nearly no changes to the installation process. But, just in case you are new to Ubuntu, we'll walk you through upgrading or installing the latest release.

Ljupco Smokovski, 123RF

Two Hearts - MX Linux combines the strengths of AntiX and Mepis


MX Linux is blooming largely in secret. This distribution is best suited for older hardware, but it is also accommodating to those who want many administration tools and scripts.

Paul Cowan,

Pretty similar - Find binary-like files with ssdeep


Normal checksums are used to identify "identical" files. The ssdeep tool is used for finding files that are similar in terms of content.

Issue #29

Cover Theme: Innovation: Peek Into the Future of Linux

DVD/CD: Ubuntu 16.04 โ€“ Xenial Xerus

The Future of Linux: Linux is trailblazing when it comes to innovating in the IT world. Every new Internet service, every AI running on multi-node clusters, every new way people work and play to...

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