Speedy Delivery - The new look for Muon package administration


Muon is the package manager for Kubuntu, an alternative to the APT package manager. We look at how the interface and the conceptual foundation for Muon have changed radically.

Antonio Guillem, 123RF

Camouflaged - Hide information in images using Steg


Encrypted files are always of interest to inquisitive parties. However, hardly anyone comes up with the idea that harmless-looking images could contain hidden information.

Csuka Laszlo 123RF

That's Entertainment - Multimedia components and proprietary programs


You can watch movies, play music and place calls over the Internet with ease with Ubuntu. You just have to load the right software packages onto your computer. We present some of our favorite multimedia apps.

Rusian Melniychuk,

Lifeline - The data recovery tool for system administrators


The risk of losing data grows alongside increases in storage capacity and with the amount of data available. SystemRescueCD makes it possible in many instances to reconstruct lost data.

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Jack of All Trades - Using gThumb to view, process, and present images


Like all work interfaces under Linux, the Gnome desktop offers a variety of smaller programs. One of these gems is the image viewer gThumb.

Installation Party - Installing Ubuntu 15.10


Ubuntu 15.10 offers nearly no changes to the installation process. But, just in case you are new to Ubuntu, we'll walk you through upgrading or installing the latest release.

Krzysztof Ratajczak, 123RF

Snapped Together - Using Snappy Personal from Canonical to manage software


Canonical wants to leave the Debian package format behind and give Snappy Personal a new lease on life.

Jovani Carlo Gorospe, 123RF

Sandbox - Simplify the safeguarding of programs with Firetools


The Firetools graphical user interface simplifies the use of the security software Firejail and also supplies useful statistics and overviews.

Ivonne Wierink,

Building Blocks - Modeling with LeoCAD


Putting together realistic models on a computer screen can be useful and fun. LeoCAD

Heider Almeida, 123RF

Safety First - Use the Internet without leaving a trace with Tails 1.5


Those wanting to surf the Internet incognito need a lot of expertise and time to secure their system. Tails saves you much of this work and lets you be online securely and anonymously.

Issue #27

Cover Theme: Security and Privacy: How Safe is Your Private Data?

DVD/CD: Ubuntu 15.10 – Wily Werewolf

Security and Privacy: Assuming most citizens are innocent (which they are), there is no possible excuse for the mass surveillance being carried out by the likes of the NSA and GCHQ. As governmen...

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