Fernando Gregory, 123RF

Mouse Trap - Rodent data manager tries to score with additional features


The Rodent data manager can do more than just move files. However, it's not always easy or intuitive to use.

Today's Specials - Software management in Ubuntu 15.04


Ubuntu's Software Center lets you install just about anything, including free software, purchased apps, and games.

Dmitriy Sladkov,

Quick Edit - Shell Practice: Introduction to the sed stream editor


With sed, you can edit text data without an interactive user interface, using pipes or input redirection. Sed lets you execute extensive editing commands on a single line.

Kheng Ho Toh,

Active Traffic - NetworkManager and system updates


With NetworkManager, you can access the Internet during the Ubuntu installation process. The first step is to download updates to make your system more secure.

Older Articles

Ubuntu Calling - The first worldwide official Ubuntu phone


Ubuntu fans have been waiting a long time for this: Canonical, through its partner Bq, has released its first official Ubuntu phone worldwide. The Android and iOS alternative is convincing in tests, although it does show room for improvement.

Pretty Pages - LibreOffice: Fonts, page color, and the magic number


A document's design can make a lasting impression. We provide some tips to achieve a pleasing combination of fonts, color, and spacing.

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Netting Mail - Managing IMAP accounts with Trojitá


Gone are the days when we read email solely sitting at our computers. To read messages on the move, we now have IMAP, which has completely displaced POP. Trojitá makes IMAP easy, even with accounts with big folders.


Running in Circles - Loops in shell scripts


Programming loops allow one-time or multiple execution of instructions. The condition for the loop can exist both outside and inside it.

Installation Party - Installing Ubuntu 15.04


Ubuntu 15.04 offers nearly no changes to the installation process. But, just in case you are new to Ubuntu, we'll walk you through upgrading or installing the latest release.

Amy Walters,

Intensive Care - Toolbox for mass storage


Linux provides several tools for maintaining mass storage. Gnome Disks combines the most important functions into one interface.

Issue #25

Cover Theme: The Terminal: An Illustrated Guide

DVD/CD: Ubuntu 15.04

The Illustrated Terminal: In this issue learn the basic building blocks of the Linux shell, the instructions and commands that will start you on your road to command line gurudom....

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