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Final Draft - Sigil e-book editor in a new incarnation


The Sigil e-book editor covers all important aspects of creating e-books. The current version shines with new functions and is extensible through plugins.

Alexey Stiop,

Split Screens - A practical look at the Screen terminal multiplexer


With Screen, you can easily manage multiple terminal windows in a single session. This terminal multiplexer provides numerous amenities that allow admins to perform their daily tasks without a graphical environment.

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Write On! - Exploring tools for publishing and privacy


In this issue, we take a look at some helpful publishing tools and then get serious about online privacy.

Ba1969, Freeimages

Labeling - The RTextDoc LaTeX editor put to the test


The RTextDoc LaTeX editor promises ease of use when entering complex markup. We look at its advantages and also its shortcomings.

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Cool Gig - New in Ardour 3


The Ardour digital audio workstation has received quite a bit of acclaim within musical circles. The project has added even more enhancements to the new version.

Maksim Kabakou, 123RF

Locked - Reliably encrypting emails using GnuPG


Since the NSA snooping scandal, many companies have started to offer secure communication services and storage. However, if you really want secure email communication, you need end-to-end encryption using GnuPG.

Roman Gorielov, 123RF

Summing It Up - Solving algebra problems step by step with wxMaxima


wxMaxima helps solve algebra problems; it is also ideal for teaching and can be a real asset in the classroom.

Kirsty Pargeter, 123RF

Clear Signals - Controlling shell processes using signals


Instead of just killing processes, professionals cleverly catch their communication and steer the computer's tasks in the right direction using signals.

Installation Party - Installing Ubuntu 14.10


Ubuntu 14.10 offers nearly no changes to the installation process. But, just in case you are new to Ubuntu, we'll walk you through upgrading or installing the latest release.


Attribute! - Managing electronic references


Technical writers often find that attributing and linking back to their sources is a pain. Fortunately, several applications are available to make that task easier.

Issue #24

Cover Theme: Publishing: Professional Writing Tools in Ubuntu

DVD/CD: Kubuntu 14.10 – Plasma 4 & 5

Publishing and Privacy: In this issue, we look at some helpful tools for professional text production and then examine how you can protect your data, desktop, emails, and online phoning and mess...

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