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Terminal Search - Search with Google in the terminal


The Googler command-line tools let a user set numerous parameters for executing a target-oriented search in the terminal.

Philip Kinsey, 123RF

Multitool - The multifaceted encryption tool zuluCrypt


ZuluCrypt is an easy-to-operate graphical front end that is suitable for encrypting files, partitions, and drives with LUKS, TrueCrypt, VeraCrypt, and dm-crypt. ZuluCrypt cannot handle a complete encryption of the entire system, but it is able to scramble system partitions.

Denphumi Jaisue, 123RF

Value Added - Test driving Vivaldi, the alternative web browser


Most of the large web browsers focus on speed. Vivaldi puts its energy into lots of nifty features and an elegant interface. The program offers things like gestures and keyboard control, tab tiling, and saving notes.

Brijith Vijayan,

Outstanding! - Krita 3.0 turns into a 2D animation tool


The Krita graphics editor is gradually turning into a digital painting tool for painters and illustrators. Krita 3.0 now expands its palette of functions with an animation tool.

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Open Doors - lsof finds, shows, and searches data streams


lsof give you a comprehensive list of all open files, be it a regular file, a library, a network file, or a data stream. We show you how to use lsof and how to make things easy with a simple graphical interface.

Dmitry Kalinovsky,

Warehousing - Practical Package Administration under Debian


Technologies like Flatpak and Snap make it look like the concepts behind earlier package management systems were a thing of the past. The current status of software administration in Linux shows that this impression is wrong.

bowie15, 123RF

Hide and Seek - Using EncFS with graphical front ends


Home users who are looking to secure relatively small amounts of data quickly and conveniently can combine EncFS with the two front-ends Cryptkeeper and Gnome Encfs Manager.

Maciej Bledowski, 123RF

Do it Your Way - Use OpenStreetMap to create your own Garmin device


The maps provided by the open source OpenStreetMap project are compatible with Garmin navigational systems. Importing these maps is straightforward so long as you bring some basic knowledge, patience, and also experience to the task.

Pei Ling Hoo,

Today's Specials - Software management in Ubuntu 16.04


The new Ubuntu Software app lets you install just about anything, including free software, purchased apps, and games.


Encryption is Easy - Learn how to encrypt your data and keep it private


You don't have to be paranoid to realise that there is a war on privacy. Unless you protect yourself you have a lot to lose. Ubuntu and the stories in the Features section of this issue can help you beef up your defences.

Issue #31

Cover Theme: Encryption โ€“ Protect All Your Data

DVD/CD: Ubuntu 16.10 โ€“ Yaketty Yak

Encrypt all the things! The future of personal and professional privacy may be dire, but at least you're on the correct platform, right? And that's because Linux gives you all the tools you need...

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