Extensions - Adding new functions with GIMP plugins


GIMP by itself can already do a lot. With plugins, you can extend the free image editor with complex functions, most of which allow you to see the final results before you apply them.


Blogs Without Boundaries - Overview: CMS systems without databases


When you think of CMS and blogs, names such as WordPress, Typo3, and Joomla come up. But often, much leaner solutions will suffice.

Csuka Laszlo,

That's Entertainment - Multimedia components and proprietary programs


Movies, music, and Internet telephony are easy to use in Ubuntu. You just have to load the right software packages onto the computer. We present some favorite multimedia apps.

Feng Yu,

Good Sorts - Getting started with LibreOffice Base


Creating database applications with wizards and graphic editors – without SQL and programming – that's what the LibreOffice program Base, modeled after Microsoft Access, is all about.

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Loopall, 123RF

Magical Lifesaver - Reconstructing files with Magic Rescue


Faulty unmounts can quickly lead to disaster with SD cards and USB sticks. Magic Rescue can get your data back.


Press Play - Sleek Musique audio player


Enough audio players exist under Linux to fulfill everyone's wishes. If you find Amarok is too complicated and Rhythmbox or Audacious too old-fashioned, then there's a newcomer, Musique, that's well worth looking at.


Lucky Strike - Easy backups with Obnam


The Obnam command-line tool allows backups and restores, even when the X server is on strike. Its many options will easily meet the needs of a SOHO environment.

Installation Party - Installing Ubuntu 14.04


Ubuntu 14.04 offers some changes to the installation process. We'll walk you through upgrading or installing the latest release.

Kati Molin, Fotolia

Customized Learning - OpenTeacher, a new concept in educational software


Typically, educational software programs cannot accommodate multi-disciplinary learning. However, developers of OpenTeacher are changing the rules with the use of some very interesting concepts.

Today's Specials - Software management on Ubuntu 14.04


Ubuntu's Software Center lets you install just about anything, including free software, purchased apps, and games.

Issue #23

Cover Theme: Make Art with Ubuntu Create

DVD/CD: Ubuntu 14.10 - Utopic Unicorn, 32 & 64 bits


Get Creative. Development of open source applications for artistic creativity has exploded in the past 5 to 10 years. You would have to be very particular indeed to not find an app...

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