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That's Entertainment - Multimedia components and proprietary programs


Movies, music, and Internet telephony are easy to use in Ubuntu. You just have to load the right software packages onto the computer. We present some favorite multimedia apps.

Shell Shocked - The Linux shell is your friend


The shell may look like an old-fashioned bit of technology, only useful for the Linux hardcore programmers and system administrators, but knowing a few commands and how to link them together goes long way.

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Greater Comfort - Create menus and dialogs for shell scripts


From simple queries to complex menus: Using dialog, you can create a graphical interface for shell scripts with only a few extra lines of code.

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Active Traffic - NetworkManager and system updates


With NetworkManager, you can access the Internet during the Ubuntu installation process. The first step is to download updates to make your system more secure.

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Ear to the Net - Programs for bandwidth monitoring


Many programs communicate over the network, and when a bottleneck occurs, these tools can help you determine the cause.


Strong Glue - Systemd as central control for the Linux system


Some Linux followers see systemd as the best thing since sliced bread – for others, it's the work of the devil. However, it also has the stuff to clear out old trenches and form a unified base for Linux.

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Right Ingredients - Writing clearer Bash scripts


Does the ingenious script your wrote last month look like confusing spaghetti code today? We show some proven style guidelines that can provide order and readability.

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Speedy Newcomer - The very fast QupZilla web browser put to the test


QupZilla is a new Linux web browser that enters in an already crowded arena. But, QupZilla holds its own when it comes to speed and ergonomics.


In the Wild - Software for DIY off-road navigation


Anyone doing off-road navigation needs special maps. You can create these maps in no time at all.

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Task Master - Organize tasks professionally with Nitro


Nitro is an application with a modern design created for managing task lists. This free program even synchronizes with different systems.

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Cover Theme: Shell Shock!

DVD/CD: Ubuntu 14.04 32 and 64 bits

Shell Shocked. So, what’s the deal? Surely we have transcended having to type obscure commands on a black background. Is this not something reminiscent of the bad old days? With modern distros,...

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