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Entertainment Artist - Producing video DVDs and slideshows with 2ManDVD


It's not just the multimedia geeks who can now produce great video DVDs. 2ManDVD can help everybody become a professional.

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Constant Outflow - More privacy in the Chrome web browser


Google Chrome constantly "phones home." With a little effort and the appropriate add-ons, however, you can prevent transmitting unwanted data.


Noting, Planning, Programming - Using the Leo editor


Programmers and web designers need to manage a variety of information from one central point. The Leo editor steps up to the challenge in several clever ways.

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Control Center - Zentyal Server 3.5


Some users may struggle when setting up various services, such as web servers, email servers, firewalls, and the like. Zentyal simplifies configuration of all those things, thanks to its intuitive user interface.

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One for All - User accounts with OpenLDAP's central administration


If you have multiple users logging into different computers or applications, the LDAP directory service can accommodate your needs


Virtual Setup - Linux and the virtual Windows XP machine


We show you how to use VirtualBox to set up a Windows XP virtual machine on your existing Linux system.

Today's Specials - Software management in Ubuntu 14.10


Ubuntu's Software Center lets you install just about anything, including free software, purchased apps, and games.

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Spicy Vocabulary - Overview of commercial and free thesauri


A deft use of language can give a text the perfect finish. Those who wish to steer clear of commercial thesauri can find world-class free software alternatives.

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That's Entertainment - Multimedia components and proprietary programs


You can watch movies, play music and place calls over the Internet with ease with Ubuntu. You just have to load the right software packages onto your computer. We present some of our favorite multimedia apps.

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Soft Music - OpenAV suite for musicians


The OpenAV suite of software allows musicians to create music on the Linux platform. It's made up of digital effects and software instruments, giving the user high-quality audio effects and instruments to create, mix, and master.

Issue #23

Cover Theme: Make Art with Ubuntu Create

DVD/CD: Ubuntu 14.10 - Utopic Unicorn, 32 & 64 bits


Get Creative. Development of open source applications for artistic creativity has exploded in the past 5 to 10 years. You would have to be very particular indeed to not find an app...

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