Putting the KDE Slimbook through its paces

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Strong and Lightweight

The KDE Slimbook bolsters the ranks of Linux notebooks with this good-looking and powerful Ultrabook.

Although Linux-compatible hardware is not nearly as serious an issue nowadays as it was, it's still something of a minefield. This applies, in particular, to peripherals, such as multifunction printers, but also to other hardware like notebooks. The KDE Slimbook is a notable exception [1], as it already comes with a preinstalled and configured Linux operating system.

Compatibility is not only an issue for end users, but also for software developers, who have only a limited selection of hardware available to test their software. The colleague with whom you're working on a project probably does not own an identical notebook with compatible hardware. The KDE developers have now come up with a solution to this.

The Slimbook, like Dell's XPS series, is primarily aimed at developers and Linux fans. In designing the 13.3-inch small Ultrabook, which bears a striking resemblance to the MacBook Air, KDE Project developers wanted hardware that would work seamlessly with the operating system, Plasma environment, KDE applications, and KDE frameworks.


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