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Smart Typewriters - Tools for (budding) novelists


When writing fine literature, specialized word processors can help you stay on task, allowing you to shape your suspense-laden storyline and characters. To this end, we're examining four free authoring tools.

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Smart and Fair - The modular smartphone Fairphone 2


The Fairphone 2 strives for a balancing act. As an open platform it offers easy repair and freedom of choice in terms of its operating system, while trying to ensure raw material mining and production take place under fair conditions.

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Being Productive - Linux has long since transcended the experimental stage


There is the idea that Linux and, by extension, Ubuntu, is only good for developers and experimenting. This perception is wrong.

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Path Finder - Using Routino as a free offline route planner


Routino is an offline route-planning application that uses OpenStreetMap data to calculate efficient and convenient routes. We discuss what this software can do.

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Keeping Active - Practical uses for KDE Plasma Activities


KDE Plasma Activities remove the limitations of having a single desktop and allow you to have multiple environments with their own sets of launchers for applications, files, and URLs, each customized for a single purpose.


Strong and Lightweight - Putting the KDE Slimbook through its paces


The KDE Slimbook bolsters the ranks of Linux notebooks with this good-looking and powerful Ultrabook.

Installation Party - Installing Ubuntu 17.04


Ubuntu 17.04 offers almost no changes to the installation process. But, in case you are new to Ubuntu, we'll walk you through upgrading or installing the latest release.

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Paper Trail - Use Paperwork to digitize and archive documents


Digital archives do away with the need for traditional filing cabinet storage. Even so, Paperwork tries to make your life easier.

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Active Traffic - NetworkManager and system updates


With NetworkManager, you can access the Internet during the Ubuntu installation process. The first step is to download updates to make your system more secure.

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Cashing In - Managing finances with GnuCash


GnuCash is a powerful financial accounting program that is well suited for both personal and small business finances.

Issue #33

Cover Theme: Productivity – Turn Ubuntu into the Best Work Environment

DVD/CD: Ubuntu 17.04 - Zesgty Zapus, 32 & 64 bits

Essentials: Ubuntu’s repositories come with literally tens of thousands of packages. With so many apps to choose from, sometimes you may not know what to look for when searching for a tool for a...

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