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Issue 33: Productivity – Turn Ubuntu into the Best Work Environment

Essentials: Ubuntu’s repositories come with literally tens of thousands of packages. With so many apps to choose from, sometimes you may not know what to look for when searching for a tool for a specific task. In this issue we discover utilities that can be life-savers.

Table of Contents


Interesting Times free

Ubuntu 17.04 – Zesty Zapus, 32 & 64 bits

On the DVD free

Linux has long since transcended the experimental stage

Being Productive

Working with Makagiga, the digital office

All Inclusive free

Use Paperwork to digitize and archive documents

Paper Trail

Managing finances with GnuCash

Cashing In

Tools for (budding) novelists

Smart Typewriters

Calculate from the command line with Spigot

Lightning Calculations

Downloads and analysis with HTTPie

Web Spy free

Using Routino as a free offline route planner

Path Finder

Practical uses for KDE Plasma Activities

Keeping Active

An overview of the IMAP client Trojitá

Minimal Mail free

The unusual ideas of EKO sound editor

Modern Mixer

The graphical diff tool Eskil is packed with features

Minor Changes free

Installing Ubuntu 17.04

Installation Party

NetworkManager and system updates

Active Traffic


Software management in Ubuntu 17.04

Today's Specials


Multimedia components and proprietary programs

That's Entertainment

, ,

The modular smartphone Fairphone 2

Smart and Fair

Putting the KDE Slimbook through its paces

Strong and Lightweight

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