Encrypted ZFS with Ubuntu

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The ZFS on Linux project has made it possible to use the advanced ZFS filesystem for the system root on Linux installations. Although this setup is still somewhat exotic and support for it is lacking, the currently available tools are entirely adequate for setting up a pure ZFS Linux system and even throwing full disk encryption into the bargain.

This article demonstrated all that is needed to set up such a system. Some experience with Linux is necessary to perform the steps confidently, but you do not need to be a guru to complete them.

I hope that using ZFS on Linux will become much easier in the future and will be supported by standard installers. Some BSD distributions are one step ahead in this respect, but no doubt Linux will catch up soon.


  1. More information and background on ZFS: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zfs
  2. ZFS on Linux project: http://zfsonlinux.org/

The Author

Lars Kotthoff is an Artificial Intelligence researcher at University College Cork, Ireland. In his spare time, he excavates the remnants of ancient civilizations, takes pictures that would be much prettier if taken by a proper photographer, and plays around with his various machines and systems. Occasionally, he writes about it.

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