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Becoming Liquid

During the game, click on the plate icons to see how many raw materials you have (vegetables, manure, or herbs) (Figure 2). This shows you whether you're hitting a bottleneck.

You can also sell the produce you've been toiling over. It's particularly worthwhile to sell wool (for which the game apparently has no real purpose) or meat or fish, which you can use for limited meals. These raw materials also provide you with some money. Selling vegetables and fruit, however, isn't worth the trouble; you'll need them to feed your animals and cultivate your fields, etc.


That still leaves the tasks. If you want to maintain the basic food supplies for your workers, they'll have many tasks to perform, as detailed by the TO DO icon. With each new level that your chosen character reaches, the game provides new tasks and the character has new opportunities, such as breeding horses. You can also repair structures or erect monuments in the countryside, for which you'll get extra bonus points.

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