Creating a show with 4K Slideshow Maker

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4K Slideshow Maker is a powerful program for creating a slideshow on the computer in various formats. The operational concept is intuitive, and a manual is almost unnecessary. If you want the slideshow to appear on a computer, no further work is needed. For a video CD or CVD, however, you will need a separate tool.

In my test, Kdenlive and WinFF proved successful, but with some laborious workflow. Converting to video CD/DVD might prove easier on other systems beside Ubuntu.

The Author

Karl Sarnow has been a fan of personal computers since his TRS-80 Model 1. As a teacher of mathematics, physics, and computer science, he created networking concepts for Linux and corresponding applications for schools and instruction and wrote a book about it ( Since his retirement, he has been devoted to his hobbies of photography, travel, and astronomy.

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