LinuxCon Presentations Available Online


End of September was a meeting of open source experts in Portland, Oregon and Linux Pro Magazine was there with its video camera. Linus Torvalds and developer colleagues at the kernel roundtable, the hotly debated keynote by Mark Shuttleworth and all other presentations are available in our video archives.

Canonical Raises Ubuntu One Storage to 50 GBytes


With the upcoming version 9.10 the Ubuntu One DropBox clone will be integrated automatically into Ubuntu's GNOME desktop. Paying customers will get a significant storage capacity upgrade.

Nvidia Presents First OpenCL Driver for Linux


Nvidia has announced its first OpenCL-capable driver. Not only that: Linux users will get it at the same time as the Windows package, which complies with OpenCL's platform-independent concept.

Google Begins Test Phase for Wave


Four months have gone by since Google announced their new, innovative communication solution, Wave. Last week was the beginning of its test phase.

Opensuse 11.2 Last Beta


The now released test version of openSUSE 11.2 is to be the last beta. The first release candidate will appear mid-October.

Ubuntu Karmic Koala Enters Beta Test


Like openSUSE, the Ubuntu project has released its first beta version of Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala). The final version should appear October 29.

Tea 26.0.0 Editor Can Handle Lua, Perl and Vala


Tea, a source code editor for HTML, DocBook and Latex, is now available in version 26.0.0. The new release includes support for more programming languages and new features.

SEP Sesam 3.6 Does Hyper-V and Command Line


The SEP firm has released its Sesam backup and recovery software in version 3.6. Among the new features are a command line interface and support for Hyper-V.

KDE 4.4 Address Book to use Akonadi


Akonadi is the magic word for data storage for the KDE 4 desktop. Unfortunately none of the KDE 4 apps really use it. The KDE address book, KAddressBook, should become the first to do so. Rethinks Release Strategy


The project has some discussion ahead of it, instigated by developer Peter Hutterer's call for an ordered release strategy. The current rather unpredictable release schedule makes the work and test process harder, according to Hutterer.