OpenSUSE Conf 2009: OpenSUSE 11.2 with Microblogging, But Not WebYaST


On the outskirts of the OpenSUSE Conference, core developers revealed details on the new openSUSE version 11.2. Although it will have Kernel 2.6.31, browser users will have to wait a bit longer for YaST.

GPLv2 Less Popular


Latest statistics from Black Duck Software show version 2 of the General Public License (GPLv2) sliding in popularity. Just under half of all the open source projects contained in the September 2009 statistics used the GPLv2.

Brad Spengler Exposes Exploit in Linux Kernel 2.6.31


The developer behind the security portal, Brad Spengler, has released videos on the Web that demonstrate a security hole in the current Linux kernel.

Via’s Netnotes to Operate with Linux


The chip manufacturer Via Technologies has introduced a new notebook class intended to run via Linux OS. The Via chips-equipped Netnotes will initially only be available in China.

Faster, Stable Google Chrome 3


After a year's development, a new, stable version 3.0 of Google's open source Chrome browser is now available. Developers promise "significant speed improvements," although current beneficiaries are Windows Vista and XP users only.

Android 1.6 with More Bells and Whistles


The new Android version code-named Donut comes with Kernel 2.6.29, more applications and usability improvements. Developers now have more possibilities with the new hardware capabilities of the software development kit (SDK).

Gnome Zeitgeist with New User Interface


The tracker daemon Gnome Activity Journal called Zeitgeist has a new user interface.

Android Internet Tablet from Archos


Electronics manufacturer Archos has introduced its new ARM-based multimedia player including Linux platform Android in collaboration with Google. An additional DVR docking station allows the device to morph into a video recorder.

Enharmonic Zen: Former Zenwalkers Do Salix OS Fork


The end of May the Zenwalk team came to some disagreements with its project lead Jean-Philippe Guillemin and some other team members. The result is a new distro called Salix OS.

LG Tries Android Smartphone in European Market


The previously Windows-dedicated Korean company has ventured this fall into its first Android smartphone for the European market.