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Issue 27: Network Ninja: Run Safe and Smooth Networks

Security and Privacy: Assuming most citizens are innocent (which they are), there is no possible excuse for the mass surveillance being carried out by the likes of the NSA and GCHQ. As governments are slow to check the activities of these rogue agencies, we'll teach you how to take matters into your own hands.

Table of Contents

The Ballad of LiMux FUD

Testing the new Meizu MX4 Ubuntu Edition



Ubuntu 15.10 – Wily Werewolf, 32 & 64 bits

On the DVD free

Protecting your personal privacy

Of Apples and Smurfs

Hide information in images using Steg


Encrypt your important files using Tomb

Creepy Crypto

Use the Internet without leaving a trace with Tails 1.5

Safety First

Simplify the safeguarding of programs with Firetools


Kali Linux 2.0


Data recovery with the TestDisk/PhotoRec duo

Fishing for Data

Translate documentation with Po4a

No Mumbo Jumbo

Start and stop programs depending on the system load

Weight Lifting

The data recovery tool for system administrators


Ubuntu Touch release process: From code to image update

Touch and Go

Using Snappy Personal from Canonical to manage software

Snapped Together

New features in LibreOffice 5

Round Five

Redirect Linux sound to DLNA receivers using PulseAudio

Sonic Redirection

The new look for Muon package administration

Speedy Delivery


Using gThumb to view, process, and present images

Jack of All Trades

Modeling with LeoCAD

Building Blocks

Installing Ubuntu 15.10

Installation Party

NetworkManager and system updates

Active Traffic

Software management in Ubuntu 15.10

Today's Specials

Multimedia components and proprietary programs

That's Entertainment


Linux and the virtual Windows XP machine

Virtual Setup

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