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Issue 30: Your Cloud: Set Up Your Very Own Online Storage

Love your Cloud: Despite the fact you should be wary of corporate-based cloud services, there is really no reason you should not enjoy the convenience the cloud has to offer. In this issue you will learn how to set up and secure your own cloud service, using of-the-shelf hardware and your home Internet connection.

Table of Contents


Silver Jubilee free

Reviewing the new Meizu Pro 5 Ubuntu Phone

Pro Phone

30 Issues of Ubuntu User

On the DVD

Run your own cloud on Ubuntu

Love Thine Cloud

Perfect setup and installation of ownCloud 9

Cumulus Clouds

Pydio is a free cloud solution

Clear Skies

Installing and testing Nextcloud

Next Up

The package formats Flatpaks and Snaps

Sweet Wrappers

Playing with Parrot Security OS

Pretty Polly

Finding dynamic IP addresses

Net Search

New distributions with the most current KDE versions

Noble Gases

Video effects and compositing with Natron

Special FX

3D games with and without Steam: Ark, Cities: Skylines, and 0 A.D.

Full Steam Ahead

An accessible keyboard for your desktop

Hands Free

Repairing images with Resynthesizer and G'MIC

First Aid

Pulling objects out of an image

Masked Freedom

Installing Ubuntu 16.04

Installation Party

NetworkManager and system updates

Active Traffic


Software management in Ubuntu 16.04

Today's Specials


Multimedia components and proprietary programs

That's Entertainment

, ,

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