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Issue 1: Jump to Jaunty

The first issue of Ubuntu User magazine flew off newsstands in Spring 2009, but now you can download the free digital version of Ubuntu User #1! Don't miss another issue – Subscribe today!

Speed was the theme for the latest Ubuntu development effort, so what could be a better symbol than a mythical creature that is half antelope and half jackrabbit? Jaunty Jackalope offers faster boot times and lots of other improvements. This issue of Ubuntu User includes a double-sided DVD with 32-bit & 64-bit versions of Jaunty Jackalope

Table of Contents


New Features: Jaunty Jackalope offers faster boot times, notifications, desktop improvements, and more.

Who We All Are: Jono Bacon welcomes you to the diverse universe of Ubuntu.


Virtualization: We show you how to operate virtual environments from your Ubuntu desktop.

10 Great Games: Relax! You work too hard! We tour some top picks for great gaming in Ubuntu.

Interview: Pete Graner: Ubuntu's Kernel Manager talks about development and community.


Graphics Cards: Learn how to configure accelerated graphics cards in Ubuntu.

UFW Firewall: Secure your system and keep intruders out with a personal firewall.

Wine: Maybe you don't have to give up Windows programs after all. Learn how to run Windows applications on Ubuntu with Wine.

Building a Website: Learn about some tools for building and publishing web pages.

Integrating Debian Packages: We show you how to create custom Ubuntu software packages using Debian package format.

Answer Man: Get answers to questions about playing DVDs, setting up email, installing from a USB stick, fixing the Ubuntu boot menu, and more.


Gnome Do: Search engines meet the application launcher with the handy Gnome Do tool.

FreeMind: Looking for inspiration? We show you how to visualize your best ideas with this useful mind-mapping app.

Celtx Authoring Software: This easy authoring tool is the perfect companion for a dark and stormy night. We show you how to compose comics, movie scripts, and novels with Celtx.

Synergy: Control multiple PCs with a single keyboard and mouse.

Environment Variables: We show you some terminal tricks for working with environment variables.

Discovery Guide

Peek inside for a practical introduction to Ubuntu, including tips on installing, configuring, and exploring your new Ubuntu system.

Installing Ubuntu
Burning CDs
Managing Photos
Installing Software
Configuring Email
Taking Notes

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