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Issue 2: In the Cloud

Issue #2 of Ubuntu User looks at Ubuntu in the Cloud! We offer an exclusive interview with Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth, and our 6-pack DVD is packed with Ubuntu goodness: Ubuntu Live, Kubuntu Live, Xubuntu Live, Edubuntu, Ubuntu Studio, and Easy Peasy.

Table of Contents


  • Community manager Jono Bacon explores the Ubuntu spirit
  • Exclusive interview with Mark Shuttleworth


  • Audio expert Dave Phillips sets up a home studio using free tools.
  • Eucalyptus: Why pay for cloud services when you can set up a private cloud?
  • Krita & Karbon: These useful graphics tools wait just beyond the default GUI.
  • One Man's Path to Linux: Find out why one user chose to leave Windows for Linux.


  • Terminal Tricks – Data Flow: Build a chain of commands for more efficient processing.
  • Shell Scripting: Save time and keystrokes by automating frequent tasks.
  • SBackup: Preserve your data with this backup tool for the Ubuntu desktop.
  • Answerbuntu: Forums admin Mike Basinger looks at XP migration, password length, and other Ubuntu issues.
  • System Monitor: Monitor your system and stay ahead of performance bottlenecks.


  • Scribus: Build your own newspaper or magazines with this powerful open source layout tool.
  • Ikiwiki: Ikiwiki is not your average wiki. We'll show you an innovative app that turns your documents into HTML.
  • Mnemosyne and Anki: Why stay up all night? Prepare for your next exam with these nifty memorization tools.
  • Conduit: Losing track of your documents? This terrific traveling tool lets you sync your files across different platforms and devices.

Discovery Guide:

  • Installing Ubuntu
  • Security
  • Exploring
  • Networking
  • Printing
  • Multimedia
  • Burning CDs
  • Managing Photos
  • Installing Software
  • Configuring Email
  • Taking Notes

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