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Issue 4: Home Theater

This month we bring you more great tools for the Ubuntu environment. You’ll learn how to set up a home entertainment center with Mythbuntu and how to record your favorite programs with Freevo. We also introduce your to Canonical’s new CEO.

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Table of Contents


  • Welcome to Ubuntu User: Our new senior editor, Marcel Gagné, remembers the fun.
  • Who We All Are: Jono talks about improvements in the upcoming Lucid Lynx release.
  • Ubuntu-Women Project: Project leader Amber Graner reports on the Ubuntu Women project.
  • Jane Silber: Meet Canonicals’s new CEO.
  • UDS Lucid Lynx:Ubuntu users and developers gather in Dallas to talk about the next release.
  • 100 Paper Cuts: Ubuntu’s innovative 100 Paper Cuts project has an eye on usability. We interview chief paper cutter David Siegel.


  • Ubuntu User DVD: Learn more about the free DVD enclosed with this issue.
  • What’s New in Wine: Karmic Koala includes some improvements that make it easer to run Windows apps with the Wine API.
  • Mythbuntu: Mix the MythTV media center with Ubuntu and you get Mythbuntu.
  • Freevo: Looking for a DVR without the DRM? This open source home theater app keeps your favorite programs in focus.
  • Video Editors: Linux multimedia expert Dave Phillips rounds up some of Ubuntu’s best video editors.
  • Netbook Distros: Several Ubuntu-based distros bring Linux to the netbook.


  • Webgen: This powerful tool lets you build whole websites in half the time.
  • Aria2: One tool helps you manage downloads from several protocols.
  • Scribus: Create your own newsletters, brochures, and magazines with this powerful publishing tool.
  • Upstart: Learn why your new Ubuntu system starts processes more efficiently.
  • Answerbuntu: Get answers for your Ubuntu configuration questions.


  • Writer’s Cafe: This nifty desktop app will help you write a novel or play.
  • Machinarium: Journey to a space-age junkyard with this weird adventure game.
  • Microblogging: Check out these open source social networking tools for the desktop.
  • Amarok: Get your groove on with KDE’s excellent music player.
  • Gedit: Plenty of plugins make Gedit much more than just a text editor.
  • The Battle of Wesnoth: Why is this multi-player strategy game so popular?

Discovery Guide

Ease into Ubuntu with our updated Discovery Guide:

  • Secure Browsing
  • Configuring with Tweak
  • Terminal Time
  • Scripting

On the DVD

  • Ubuntu 9.10 Megapack: 7 *buntus on one DVD!
    Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Edubuntu, Linbuntu, Ubuntu Studio, Ubuntu Netbook Remix

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