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Issue 7: Gestures

Maverick Meerkat is here and ready to rock! In this issue, we describe Ubuntu's new features and take a special look at uTouch, Ubuntu's new multi-touch framework. Plus, interviews with Chris Kenyon and Mark Shuttleworth point to new directions.

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Table of Contents


  • Welcome to Ubuntu User: Marcel welcomes Maverick Meerkat and ponders gesture-based interfaces in movies and real life.
  • Jono’s Column: It’s Jono’s four-year anniversary with Canonical, but he’s looking to the future.
  • Interview: Chris Kenyon wants Ubuntu pre-installed everywhere.
  • News: Mark Shuttleworth on the new uTouch framework, Google open sources Liquid Galaxy, Ubucompilator beta release, Canonical demos a brand new user-aware framework prototype.
  • Letters


  • What’s New in Ubuntu: An improved Software Center and multi-touch support.
  • Enabling Gestures with Extensions: Marcel examines gesture capabilities in various browsers.
  • Ubuntu’s uTouch Framework: Ubuntu brings multi-touch to the masses.
  • Easystroke: This easy tool lets you define mouse gestures to control your computer.
  • Keeping an Eye on Things: The Sighttpd streaming server transmits audio and video over the web.


  • Music Player Daemon: Set up your own Internet radio station with MPD.
  • Easy HDR: High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography doesn’t have to be hard.
  • Thinkingrock: This cool tool helps you keep your life organized.
  • Inkscape for the Web: Put the Inkscape vector editor to work as a web design tool.
  • Answerbuntu: Get answers to your Ubuntu configuration questions.
  • Building Packages: We show you how to build and rebuild Ubuntu packages.
  • Scripting: Use these Bash scripts to automate repetitive tasks.


  • K3b: Here’s your one-stop app for burning and ripping CD and DVDs.
  • Geeqie: View, sort, and fly through your digital images.
  • Geotag: Add geographical reference data to your pictures.
  • Minitube: Smooth out your Flash videos without using Adobe Flash.

Discovery Guide

If you are new to Ubuntu, these timely tutorials will help you get started:

  • Configuration
  • Network & Updates
  • Printing & Scanning
  • Security

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