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Issue 9: Unity

In this issue, we unwrap the Natty Narwhal release of Ubuntu and take an in-depth look at the controversial Unity desktop. We show you what's changed and what's stayed the same, and we provide tips for getting the most out of this new release.

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Table of Contents


  • Welcome to Ubuntu User: We welcome the stylish new Ubuntu and say, not goodbye, but au revoir, to our senior editor.
  • Who We All Are: Bringing the strength of diversity to Ubuntu development.
  • News: Firefox 4 released, App previews come to the Software Center, Elementary OS unveils Jupiter, End of life for Ubuntu 9.10
  • Neil Patel Interview: We get the scoop on Unity from the Technical Lead for the Unity Desktop Experience team.


  • New to Ubuntu 11.0: Natty Narwhal offers a new desktop, a new audio player, and more.
  • Exploring Unity: Unity's keyboard shortcuts are just one highlight of this new interface.
  • Natty Narwhal Server: Ubuntu's server version includes some powerful tools you won't find on the desktop.
  • Open Movie: Sintel, from the Blender Foundation, is another kind of open project.
  • My Script Stylus: This app can recognize handwritten instructions on your tablet PC.


  • Backups: Grsync and Gnome Schedule allow easy backup and recovery.
  • Put Your Server on the Internet: Set up port forwarding and DynDNS to access your servers on the go.
  • Social Security: Protect your identity online with the SSL/TLS protocols.
  • GoldenDict: Integrate all your knowledge bases into one searchable resource.
  • Answerbuntu: Mike Basinger answers your Ubuntu questions.


  • Multimedia Hard Disks: We put five multimedia players through their paces.
  • BlazeBlogger: This no-frills blogging tool lets you easily maintain your blog from the command line.
  • Calibre: Manage your e-books with this cross-platform app.
  • Penguin Power: Blast viruses and overcome evil empires in these Linux games.
  • SyncEvolution: Keep all your devices in step with SyncEvolution.
  • MythTV: Add Internet videos to your DVR playlists.

Discovery Guide

If you are new to Ubuntu, these timely tutorials will help you get started:

  • Installing Ubuntu 11.04
  • Installing Software
  • Security
  • Networking
  • Samba
  • Printing

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