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Issue 12: Running on Juju

We dive into the Ubuntu Cloud with the juju program, charms, and Ubuntu One. We also look at where the menu is headed with Head-Up Display and teach you how to tether your mobile device, animate GIFs, and record Skype calls.

Table of Contents

  • Welcome to Ubuntu User
  • Navigate the Ubuntu Cloud with the juju program and free cloud storage.
  • Who We All Are: Your journey through the Ubuntu community got easier to navigate and is marked with trophies.
  • News
    • Ubuntu Server Survey results
    • Canonical ends funding for Kubuntu development
    • Shuttleworth shakes up the menu with Head-Up Display
    • New website for Xubuntu
    • Ubuntu Business Desktop Remix rolls out
  • Interview with Mark Mims: Ubuntu Server Team Software Engineer Mark Mims explains orchestra, juju, Charm School, charms, and Canonical's plans for the Ubuntu Cloud in the 12.04 release.
  • Ubuntu 11.10 DVD: Chromium, FileZilla, Dropbox, VLC,
    VirtualBox, Wine, winetricks, K3b, Audacity, Clementine,
    digiKam, Panorama, Pidgin, OpenShot, and much more!



  • LVM Basics: We walk you through a hands-on example of Logical Volume Manager.
  • Ubuntu One: Access 5GB of free online storage in the Ubuntu One cloud storage service.
  • Ubuntu Tips: We focus on practical tips for Unity and its components.
  • Shortcuts: Get a grip on grep with a few simple shortcuts and switches.
  • Data Hardening: Dig into data hardening techniques.
  • Ubuntu Friendly: How friendly is your system?
  • Edit Text with nano: Text editing with the modest nano.
  • Answerbuntu: Answers to your keyboard woes and DVD playback failures.
  • Image Metadata: Open source metadata solutions enter the market.
  • Unity Tuning: A few tips will help you tweak your Unity.
  • Animate Images: See how to create killer animations with a few tools and GIFs.
  • Y PPA: Use your personal package archive with Ubuntu.
  • Quicklists: We explain how you can accelerate program launches with Quicklists.
  • Skype Recorder: Would you like to record your Skype calls on Linux? We show you how.
  • Games: All work and no play makes for a lackluster Linux. We test 12 games.

Discovery Guide:

  • Installing Ubuntu 11.10
  • Networking
  • Security
  • Installing Software


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