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Issue 14: Photo Finish

Say “Cheese!” In this issue, we focus on photography. GIMP 2.8 was unveiled in May and boasts impressive updates. We give you a tour of GIMP’s new features. We also offer tricks for touching up images and present five programs for editing RAW photo files.

Table of Contents

  • Comment: If you aren't content with Unity or HUD, you have other *buntu options.
  • Letters: Readers have a lot to say about Unity and HUD.
  • Who We All Are: Ubuntu gains popularity as an emerging gaming platform.
  • Elizabeth Krumbach Interview: Liz wears many hats in the open source community, so it’s no wonder she recently won an O’Reilly Open Source Award.


  • GIMP 2.8: Years in the making, the latest GIMP was worth the wait.
  • GIMP Tricks: Perfect your photos with a few GIMP tricks.
  • RAW Converter: Five converters can help you get the most out of RAW data files.
  • Raspberry Pi: Learn about a delicious ARM/Linux box at a drive-through price.


  • Data Recovery with PhotoRec: Didn’t mean to delete? Rescue discarded files with PhotoRec.
  • Bash Workshop: Find out how to perform computational exercises with Bash.
  • OpenStack in Ubuntu: Does OpenStack deliver what Ubuntu marketing promises?
  • 5 Customizing Programs: Roll your own distro with help from a handy customizing solution.
  • App Showdown: We try out six new productivity apps for Ubuntu.
  • Answerbuntu: Q&A with the Ubuntu Forums admin, Mike Basinger.


  • Clip Art with LibreOffice: See how to create 3D Clip Art with LibreOffice Draw.
  • 3 Desktop Publishing Programs: We test Scribus, PageStream and VivaDesigner.
  • Friendica Project: Will the privacy-respecting Friendica replace Facebook for you and your online BFFs?
  • Accessibility in Ubuntu 12.04: How helpful is Ubuntu 12.04 for the visually impaired?
  • Airtime: Airtime helps beginners and pros create Internet radio shows.

Discovery Guide:

  • Installing Ubuntu 12.04
  • Shortcuts
  • Network and Updates
  • Packet Management
  • Ubuntu Tips
  • Multimedia

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