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Issue 15: Ubuntu 12.10 "Quantal Quetzal" Unveiled

What's new in the latest Ubuntu? We'll tell you what to expect in Ubuntu 12.10. We also take an in-depth look at bitcoin, a virtual currency with real potential, and we interview Will Cook, product manager for Ubuntu TV.

Table of Contents

  • Letter from the Editor: Ubuntu 12.10 Web apps add convenience but also raise security and privacy concerns.
  • Table of Contents
  • Who We All Are: Jono Bacon explains how to participate remotely at UDS.
  • News
  • David Planella Interview: Ubuntu App Developers Liaison David Planella explains how you can submit the next killer app.


  • New in Ubuntu 12.10: Ubuntu 12.10 delivers noticeable changes on the desktop.
  • Interview with Will Cook: Will we ever see an Ubuntu TV? Product manager Will Cook updates us on Ubuntu TV development.
  • Bitcoin Basics: Virtual currency isn't just for hackers anymore.
  • Bitcoin Miner: Did you know that you can mine for bitcoins with Ubuntu?
  • Bitcoin Clients: We look at four bitcoin clients with different wallet concepts.
  • Ubuntu Showroom: Learn about seven cool little apps for Ubuntu: Deltify, Steadyflow, Postr, Hatchet, Lightread, Fogger, and GShutdown.


  • Firefox Extensions: We check out six extensions to turbocharge Firefox.
  • Answerbuntu: Get answers to Ubuntu questions.
  • LLVMpipe: Learn about Unity 2D replacement LLVMpipe.
  • Python Workshop: Our new series gets you started with Python programming.
  • Ubuntu's App Strategy: Developers can upload apps to Software Center, quickly and easily.
  • Shortcuts: Learn convenient NetworkManager terminal commands.


  • Geotagging Photos: We show you three tools for organizing photos geographically.
  • jKiwi Virtual Makeovers: Give yourself a virtual makeover with the jKiwi program.
  • Sweet Home 3D: Rearrange your house with Sweet Home 3D, a fun and free virtualization program.
  • RipperX: Burn audio CDs with RipperX.
  • Trip to Ghana: Learn about a program delivering Edubuntu to Ghana.
  • Apache CloudStack: Get started with Apache CloudStack on Ubuntu.

Discovery Guide:

  • Installing Ubuntu 12.10
  • Network and Updates
  • Package Management
  • Multimedia
  • Tips and Tricks

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