Splice and edit videos with Flowblade

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Although Flowblade's cutting functions are easy to learn, applying effects requires a bit more practice and experimentation. In return, the software pays you back with the compositor and its complex collages.

If you want to delve deeper into the software, check out the wiki, which provides a comprehensive, albeit rather terse, set of instructions [2]. Additionally, Vimeo shows three video tutorials on how to create a simple project, make cuts, and make best use of the compositor. The links to the tutorials are on the project homepage.

Developer Janne Liljeblad plans to add more professional features in upcoming versions. Among these features are rotoscoping [3], a VU meter [4] for sound recordings, and the ability to save in the EDL exchange format.

Table 1


Table 1: Dependencies
Archive Description
python Python as of version 2.5
gtk2-engines-pixbuf , librsvg2-common GTK2
libcairo2 Cairo
melt MLT-Framework; Flowblade primarily uses the Melt utility that Ubuntu 12.10 has in a package of the same name
fontconfig Fontconfig
python-gtk2 , python-cairo and python-mlt5 Python bindings for GTK, Cairo, and MLT
python-numpy Python Numpy
swh-plugins LADSPA audio plugins
sox , libsox2 Sox audio library
frei0r-plugins Frei0r video effects library
ffmpeg Ffmpeg

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