Playing Windows games on Ubuntu with Wine

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Wine's parameters are accessible by running the winecfg program (Figure 3), which lets you configure execution options – including the system being emulated (i.e., Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 98, etc.), sound options, system libraries, storage drives, graphics options, and others – in a convenient and helpful GUI.

Figure 3: winecfg allows you to configure everything that has to do with your Wine installation.

Application Installation

All you need to do now is install a program – in this example, Macromedia Flash MX [5] (Figure 4). To begin, download the Windows executable to your personal directory and locate it with your file browser. In this case, the file is called flashmx_trial_en.exe . Right-click it and choose Open with Wine .

Figure 4: Flash MX working on Wine.

This step starts the installation wizard (Figure 5). If it did not work, you should open a terminal window and navigate to the directory in which the file is located. In this case, type

Figure 5: Application installation is identical to the Windows process.
cd $HOME/Downloads/

to move into your Downloads directory and then type

wine flashmx_es.exe

to see whether an error displays. Once the installation window comes up, you can proceed with the installation.

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