Exploring math with GeoGebra

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New and Newer

Although CAS view was introduced in GeoGebra 5.0, version 4.2 already has CAS capability for finding zeroes or extrema. But much more exciting is the step into the third dimension. Previously, many CAS systems provided vector analysis, but the visualization was missing. GeoGebra is now the first open source program to venture into implementing this feature (Figure 9).

Figure 9: The 3D view allows you to enter points on a 3D coordinate system; GeoGebra creates the corresponding constructs, making it possible to illustrate the results of vector calculations.

The 3D view provides a separate set of tool groups, such as those for cutting surfaces, defining surfaces and spheres differently, and rotating coordinates.

Additionally, if you previously missed the opportunity for programming, GeoGebra 5.0 now provides a Python view so you can create your own programs and build them into constructs.


GeoGebra, previously a simple program for dynamic geometry, has steadily developed into a universal math application – at least, that's what version 5.0 implies. The GeoGebra for Tablets project also charts its future on mobile devices. GeoGebra's performance spectrum stretches from a simple visualization system to a tool for complex data analysis and mathematical relationships.

The speed at which GeoGebra is being developed is stunning, and the interaction with users sets an excellent example. A huge library of excellent applications, all under the GPL, are also available for immediate download.

The Author

Karl Sarnow has been a fan of personal computers since he got his TRS-80 Model 1. As a teacher of mathematics, physics, and computer science since the early days of personal computing, Sarnow has created networking concepts for Linux and corresponding applications for schools and instruction. GeoGebra remains among his favorite applications. Since his retirement, he has been devoted to his hobbies of photography, travel, and astronomy.

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