Viewing system information with Conky

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Conky provides many opportunities to be creative with the use of simple commands to create your own desktop widget. The lack of a graphical user interface is difficult at first, but the configuration follows a defined schema that produces results quickly. Thanks to conky-colors , you can avoid messing around constantly with a configuration file.


Because of its popularity, Conky can be found in the repositories of all major distributions, so you only need to set it up with the respective administration tools.

Ubuntu users can install Conky easily from the Software Center by searching for conky . You can choose among the conky-all , conky-std , and conky-cli packages; the last choice is mostly suited for use on servers. Alternatively, you can integrate Conky with the sudo apt-get install conky command.

Table 1

Display Options

Option Description
alignment Position on the screen (top_left , top_right , top_middle , bottom_left , bottom_right , bottom_middle , middle_left , middle_middle , middle_right , none )
border_width Width of the border in pixels
default_color Default widget and border color
use_xft Enable smooth (anti-aliased) fonts (yes /no )
xftfont Font used
draw_borders Enable borders around text (yes , no )
maximum_width Maximum width of the widget in pixels
minimum_size Minimum size of the widget in pixels
border_inner_margin Inner border margin between border and text in pixels
uppercase Use uppercase characters only (yes /no )

Table 2

Output Options

Option Description
machine Processor architecture
color Changes the color of the output (e.g., ${color grey} )
freq_g CPU frequencies in GHz (${freq_g 1} shows the value for the first processor)
freq CPU frequencies in MHz (${freq 1} shows the value for the first processor)
cpu CPU usage as a percentage (${cpu cpu0} shows total usage for all CPUs)
cpubar CPU shown as a bar (${cpubar 12,100} shows a bar with height=12, width=100 pixels)
fs_used Space used by the filesystem
fs_size Total size of the filesystem
fs_bar Space used by the filesystem as a bar (<height>),(<width>) <fs>
fs_used_perc Space used by the filesystem as a percentage

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