Writing with FocusWriter

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Design concerns

To customize the FocusWriter workspace, go to Settings | Designs and create a new look with background and foreground colors. You can even use a background image (Figure 3). Text styles can also be customized.

Figure 3: FocusWriter's minimalist interface can be enhanced to your taste.

The FocusWriter website [2] has more than a dozen designs to suit your taste. You can import the designs using the Design dialog after unpacking them. Unfortunately, the website is no longer maintained, and FocusWriter doesn't always accept the imported fonts, but the backgrounds are worth a look.


FocusWriter is a very efficient implementation of a "distraction-free" writing tool, providing a pleasant relief from overloaded word processors. Thanks to the use of the standard ODF file format, when you're done, you can lay out your text in OpenOffice.


  1. FocusWriter: http://gottcode.org/focuswriter/
  2. FocusWriter themes: http://blog.scrybr.com

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