Making the most of Ubuntu's personal cloud service

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Going Meta

When you write useful little programs and scripts like this, you can put them in their own folder and add that folder to U1. Then, these items will be available across all your machines, and you will never lose them, even if you reinstall your system with, for example, a new version of Ubuntu.

U1 has APIs for handling files as well as syncing, sharing, music streaming, and signing in across websites with your Ubuntu One account. It can also handle data syncing across Ubuntu, Android, iOS, and the web. Additionally, the process is well documented [7], so if you wish this list of tips contained something that it doesn't, you can always make it yourself! l

Figure 5: To keep your stuff safe, switch Automatic Backups to ON. That's it.

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Stuart is a web hacker, author, and speaker living in the UK. He runs Kryogenix Consulting, a custom development and consultancy business. He writes books about JavaScript and talks to people about Ubuntu. His code and writings (and the occasional rant) are to be found at and @sil on Twitter.

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