Ubuntu 13.10 – Saucy Salamander, 32 & 64 bits

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On the DVD


Ubuntu 13.10

This month, on our double-sided disc, you'll find the newest version of Ubuntu, 13.10 – Saucy Salamander. Saucy is the most mature and stable version of Ubuntu to date and comes with the latest and greatest Free Software.

Side A comes with the 32-bit version of Saucy, ideal for older machines or if you have compatibility problems with libraries or apps.

On side B, you'll find the 64-bit version of Ubuntu. It will work better on more modern machines and will deliver a faster and more optimized experience. If in doubt, try this version first.

  • Unity 7
  • Firefox 24
  • Stable and optimized desktop usability
  • LibreOffice 4.12
  • Multiple offline and online searches
  • Steam, plus hundreds of games

Double-Sided DVD

This DVD is a double-sided disc. A DVD device always reads the side of the disc that is facing down. This DVD is labeled conventionally – the label you see as you place the disc into the tray applies to the data on the opposite side. If, for example, you are installing Ubuntu 32 bit, the 32-bit label should be facing up in the tray.

Defective Disc?

Defective discs will be replaced. Please send an email to mailto:cs@ubuntu-user.com.


  1. Ubuntu: http://www.ubuntu.com

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