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Issue 20: Roaming the World with Ubuntu Explorers

Explore the World. The great outdoors offers a world to discover. But you wouldn't go anywhere interesting without a plan and a camera, would you? With the right tools, Ubuntu can also be part of your adventures. Read on to find out how....

Table of Contents

Going Dark free

Ubuntu 2014

Stay the Course free

Kubuntu 13.10 + Linux Mint 16

On the DVD free

News free

Exploring the world with Ubuntu

The Great Outdoors free

Creating images containing GPS data

Guidance free

Marble virtual globe

Pale Blue Dot free

Build your own off-road navigation system

Rough terrain free

Playing streams off the web with FFplay

Compact Radio free

Virtualization on the command line with KVM

Quick Start free

Android virtualization with Genymotion and VirtualBox

Real Alternative free

Graphviz calculates flexible graphs

Arrangements free

Zeroshell workshop

Safe Zone free

Controlling a computer with speech

Listen to Me free

Q&A with Stuart Langridge and Bryan Lunduke

Answerbuntu free

Alternative image and photo viewers

Wonderful View free

Using Inkscape effects wisely

Inking It In free

SpaceFM universal file manager

Growing Out free

Editing mail with Geary

The Conversation free

Processing and editing images in Lab mode

More Colors free

Editing easy texts and code with Scribes

Toy Box free

Installing Ubuntu 13.10

Installation Party free

NetworkManager and system updates

Active Traffic free

Software management in Ubuntu 13.10

Today's Specials free

Multimedia components and proprietary programs

That's Entertainment free


Reaching the developers other evangelists cannot reach

Dark Matter Developers free

Support for Open Source projects

Startup Help free

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