Editing easy texts and code with Scribes

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Multiple Files

When you first start up Scribes, you likely already have an existing file to open and edit. With Ctrl+Alt+R, you open a list of the last opened files. The software also allows you to open and edit multiple files. If you're looking for documents as tabs, you won't see them. For easier navigation between files, Scribes provides several views and tools.

To quickly navigate among files in different directories, Scribes provides a sidebar for moving around the filesystem. You can activate this view with F4 and press the key again to deactivate it. If you have multiple files open, either change among them using the operating system functions or the integrated document browser that you activate with F9.

The program now shows a list of all the documents that are currently open and were previously saved. Using the arrow keys or mouse, you can change to the desired document. Changing between a saved and new document unfortunately doesn't work this way. You can change among all open editor windows with further keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl+PgUp and Ctrl+PgDn scrolls through the stack of open files.

Searching and Replacing

Searching and replacing text is one of the most often used functions. Using Ctrl+F, you can call up the bottom status bar and enter a search string. Scribes has three different search modes. The default search works as in almost all other applications: You enter text and click the button to start the search, and the application highlights all matches of the text. With Forward and Back , you move to each match.

The second search mode (Search as you type ) works like Google's instant search: Entering the first character immediately highlights each match in the text; you don't need to initiate the search. Again, the buttons navigate through the matches. You also can use regular expressions to search for character classes. If you want to replace text, use the shortcut Ctrl+R. A second replacement text field will then appear in the search bar.

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