Graphviz calculates flexible graphs

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Graphviz offers a lot of potential to fulfill tasks with just its automatic functions. The program has a lot to offer in terms of formatting boxes and arrows. Note, however, that Graphviz does not provide ways to define your own styles; therefore, some standard graph types cannot be properly rendered.

Additionally, labeling is with text only, and use of other elements, such as math formulas or images, is not supported. The additional Dot2tex [7] tool can provide some help in positioning objects and converting the output to the corresponding LaTeX format. l

The Author

Michael Niedermair teaches in the Municipal Vocational College for Information Technology in Munich (, where he is coordinator for the Programming and Application Development department. He writes a lot, especially lesson scripts where he renders visual diagrams, entity-relationship/Unified Modeling Language (ER/UML) diagrams, and the like with Graphviz.

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