The very fast QupZilla web browser put to the test

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Under a Pseudonym

If you notice that what QupZilla displays on a website varies from what you have seen using another browser, you can change the browser's user agent header. A single user agent header ensures a uniform content display for the web server. In the Preferences | Other menu, click the User Agent Manager tab.

In the ensuing window, add a check mark in front of Change Global Settings option. You open a list of predefined headers when you click the small triangle icon. From this list, you can choose a matching user agent parameter that the browser then sends to visited web pages (Figure 3).

Figure 3: Using a single user agent header ensures uniform content display.

To give separate web pages different user agent strings when calling them up, combine the web page and user agents in the entry field underneath, which ensures optimal viewing results. You only need to activate the Use different user agents for certain websites option with a check mark and enter the desired combination.


QupZilla handles bookmarks for speeding up access to frequently visited web pages. You can also import previously defined bookmarks from Firefox. From the Bookmarks | Edit bookmarks menu, click the Import Bookmarks link on the lower right. In the ensuing window, choose whether you want to import the bookmarks from Opera, Firefox, Chromium, or an HTML file.

Next, enter the path to the original bookmark file, after which QupZilla pops up a notification depending on the browser. If you get an error message on an import that points to problems with reading in the bookmark database, it generally means that the original browser is still running and locking the database.

After successfully integrating the bookmarks, they now appear as usual in the Bookmarks menu (Figure 4).

Figure 4: You can import bookmarks from other browsers.

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