The very fast QupZilla web browser put to the test

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Unlike Firefox, QupZilla has not yet reached a level of security that covers all conceivable areas. But, thanks to its modular design with expansion capabilities via plugins, it's probably only a matter of time that currently open, albeit unknown, vulnerabilities get patched.

QupZilla blocks advertising by default and provides powerful certificate and cookie management. It also sends do-not-track headers on request. Still missing are extensions for blocking web bugs and deleting so-called "local shared object" (LSO) cookies. Adobe Flashplayer stores user-specific data in such Flash cookies for later retrieval by a restored website or application.

To block undesired content from the outset, QupZilla provides the option of an upstream proxy server. The corresponding dialog is in Preferences | Browsing | Proxy Configuration so that you can set the proxy service such as you would, for example, in Firefox.


QupZilla is a promising newcomer to join the ranks of the established web browsers. Externally similar to Firefox, it is stable, standards-compliant, and also very fast.

Thanks to its modular design, QupZilla can be upgraded with enhancements. Only in terms of safety is there some catching up to do. Extensions for blocking web bugs and removing Flash cookies are still missing.


  1. The QupZilla web browser:

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