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Wrapping Up

I have really only just scratched the surface of the wealth of functionality available in the Ubuntu SDK and the comprehensive toolkit that is available as part of the Ubuntu Components and QML (see the "Publishing Your App" box for more information).

Publishing Your App

When you have written your first app and want to share it with the world, getting it in the hands of Ubuntu users is simple. Ubuntu recently opened up the Beta of the new Ubuntu Touch app publishing process.

Publishing an app is as simple as generating a package (which is just a few clicks in the Ubuntu SDK) and then uploading it to the Ubuntu Developer Portal [1], where you can add information about the app, screenshots, an icon, and more.

You can read full details of how to get started on the publishing section of the portal [2].

Fortunately, a lot of content is available online, and I recommend that you head over to the Ubuntu Developer Portal [1], where you can find API documentation, cookbooks, tutorials, and more.

You might also consider joining the community of Ubuntu app developers (see the "Join the Community" box for details). Have fun writing some awesome apps! l

Join the Community

A large and actively growing community of Ubuntu App Developers is forming. Be sure to get started on your journey [1] but also join the Google+ Community [3] and the Facebook community [4].


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