OpenTeacher, a new concept in educational software

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Online Lessons

Many pre-prepared lessons can be found online because of the maturity of OpenTeacher's approach to learning a language according to the card index principle. You can integrate these lessons into your system in a multi-step dialog by clicking on the Load from the Internet option in your starting screen.

The software offers several sources for importing vocabulary lists. When you call up a source, you can then load pre-prepared exercises in various subject matter areas into the program and edit them. This way, the application is immediately useful without the user spending large amounts of time manually creating exercises.


OpenTeacher offers several innovations that have not been previously implemented in instructional software. The program integrates a typing tutor in addition to vocabulary exercises as well as a module for multimedia support of the exercises. The topographical module is still in the beginning stages of development and is therefore of limited use. The module for multimedia support also shows some weaknesses.

However, combining different didactic methodologies into one unified interface, while leaving the choice of instructional content open for individual development by means of an authoring system is an innovative approach. The idea also makes for interesting future developments.


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