Overview: CMS systems without databases

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The fact that good and feature-rich CMSs don't need a database is evident from the solutions we tested. These types of systems even provide some benefits – especially when it comes to backups. You just have to copy the content folders to a backup media. The systems have vastly different approaches – from really simple systems with text emphasis that do formatting using a native markup language, to a complete system with file management and a WYSIWYG editor.

Of the featured systems, GetSimple proved to be our favorite. Although small and compact, it was easy to use when creating webpages, extensions, and layouts. Moreover, the CMS stood out with its intuitive and user-friendly operating environment. What we didn't like is the fact that it activates a plugin by default that sends user data to the project.

CMSimple, with its beautiful themes and convenient editor, proved especially useful for images, which presents somewhat of a problem for competitors. You can quite easily organize complex page structures with CMSimple, optimally extending the feature set with plugins; however, not all of them are free.

Among the compact systems with databases, Koken is one of the most interesting for those who need a beautiful photo display system. In this regard, the Koken CMS even puts heavyweights such as WordPress and Joomla to shame. l

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