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Private Dancer

Musique gets all its data from the Internet music service. Fetching the music collection also fetches the photos and data for artists and albums and stores them on your hard drive. These items are then always present even when you're offline. Even the data for the performers is maintained locally.

The so-called Scrobbling service that transmits playlists on is turned off and – if you want it transmitted – needs to be activated by putting a checkmark in the Playback menu before Scrobbling . Musique gets further data from in the form of lyrics that are displayed in the Info window. This data is not stored locally but must be reloaded each time. If you're offline at the time, this area of the window will remain blank.


Musique is an interesting audio player for all users who want a simple yet visually appealing software for the purpose. Despite its clever database query for artists' bios and lyrics, this program provides a lesson in online functionality without neglecting data privacy.

Using Musique is simple and, with its use of images, large-sized buttons, and extensive drag-and-drop functionalities, it's also a good choice as a player for computers with touch-sensitive displays. The program is stable and resource-efficient and is an excellent, albeit functionally scaled-down, alternative to various other audio players.

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