Video compositing with Natron

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Custom Work

The WriteFFmpeg node automatically overrides the delivered image dimensions. If you want a different resolution, set the video format under the Project Settings drop-down menu to Output Format in the format you want Natron to later produce. This can be found on the right-hand side of the window. If you want to process it with another video editing program, such as Kdenlive, you should choose the video format in which your video camera has recorded.

If this format is not included, click on New Format , enter the desired pixel width into the w field, enter the desired pixel height into the h field, and then enter the pixel axis ration into pixel aspect . Natron does not adapt the video footage to the new resolution automatically. To enlarge or shrink a video, use the Transform | Transform node.


The next version of Natron should add a tracker node. In addition to this, users can mark a point in a video. Natron then follows this point automatically through the entire scene. Other effects can be controlled in turn with the resulting path. Moreover, Natron should be able to be controlled by Python script (remote) controls. In conclusion, users should be able to quickly retrieve predefined settings via presets.

Those wishing to help in the development can obtain the complete source code from Natron account on GitHub [6]. The code itself is under a v2 Mozilla Public License. In the future, the developers want to also provide complete packages for various Linux distributions. The developers are currently looking for package maintainers.

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