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Issue 24: Publishing: Professional Writing Tools in Ubuntu

Publishing and Privacy: In this issue, we look at some helpful tools for professional text production and then examine how you can protect your data, desktop, emails, and online phoning and messaging from snoopers.

Table of Contents

The Green Ray free

Kubuntu 14.10 – Plasma 4 & 5

On the DVD free

Exploring tools for publishing and privacy

Write On! free

Managing electronic references

Attribute! free

Sigil e-book editor in a new incarnation

Final Draft free

Designing great tables using LaTeX

Table for Two free

The RTextDoc LaTeX editor put to the test

Labeling free

Secure desktop login with a one-time token

Double Check free

Solving algebra problems step by step with wxMaxima

Summing It Up free

A practical look at the Screen terminal multiplexer

Split Screens free

Safe communication with Tox

Secure Phone free

Preparing output for further processing with Xargs

Bit by Bit free

Integrating a virus scanner into a mail server

Shield free

Reliably encrypting emails using GnuPG

Locked free

Controlling shell processes using signals

Clear Signals free

LXC containers in practical use on the desktop

Freshly Packaged free

New in Ardour 3

Cool Gig free

Capturing screencasts with SimpleScreenRecorder

… and Action! free

Installing Ubuntu 14.10

Installation Party free

NetworkManager and system updates

Active Traffic free

Software management in Ubuntu 14.10

Today's Specials free

Multimedia components and proprietary programs

That's Entertainment free


Linux and the virtual Windows XP machine

Virtual Setup free

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