Managing IMAP accounts with Trojitá

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In testing, we liked the Trojitá mail program because of its simple structure and high speed. Basic functions such as threading, message display, and folder searching are straightforward and solid. Especially appealing in tests was the elegant display of quoted text. If you want to read emails efficiently in a large IMAP account, Trojitá would make an excellent choice (see Figure 5).

Figure 5: Trojitá truncates long quotes – useful with top postings – and allows applying tags to messages.

Regarding functions such as supporting multiple accounts, full-text search across the entire messages, GPG support, and more, the program currently doesn't come close to other clients like KMail. In the current versions, the KMail-Akonadi duo was also convincing with larger IMAP accounts in comparison, provided Akonadi was running in the background.


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Martin Steigerwald works as a trainer, consultant, and system administrator at Teamix GmbH in Nuremberg. In addition to Linux training, he's concerned with the conception, installation, and maintenance of solid IT infrastructures based on Debian as well as second level support for Linux as a business desktop.

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