Organizing and reading RSS feeds easily with QuiteRSS

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Dynamic OPML

QuiteRSS is currently unable to load OPML collections directly off the web or read them from a local file without reworking them. Sites such as Feedshare [8] and the "OPML Reading Lists" initiative [9] allow sharing of your own files or those of others, sorting them by subject, and downloading them.

Comparing these files with those created by QuiteRSS showed that the format was defined in the web files, but the XML specification was missing. However, if QuiteRSS refuses to load the file, you can easily make up for this by adding the line

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

at the beginning.

QuiteRSS cannot yet deal with dynamic lists [10] based on OPML, such as the web-based Inoreader [11]. If you import such a list from the web, the list elements are static from that point on. With dynamic OPML, the lists would normally be updated with any new entries the author makes, if that's what you want.


This GPLv3 software is characterized by its clear user interface and largely self-explanatory operating concept. The latter especially makes it easier for beginners to enter the world of feed readers, but the program also provides enough ease-of-use and diversity for RSS professionals with a large selection of channels and well-defined workflow. The integrated browser loads websites quickly.

If you're looking for an RSS reader or miss Google Reader, QuiteRSS is a compelling alternative. The name originated from one of the developers who wanted the program to run "quite fast" – something they have accomplished in a quite impressive way.

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