Publishing books with LibreOffice, CreateSpace, and KDP

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If you have followed the recommenda-tions so far, then the next steps will be straightforward. Both Office packages can handle the export to the formats you will need. CreateSpace requires PDF files, and Amazon's eBook platform requires HTML files.

Because the Office solutions export things like tables, images, and formulas with cross-reference information, you don't need to worry about having CreateSpace and KDP possibly hang due to complex content. This aspect is addressed in more detail later. For now, it is important to learn about how to get your book to the online publishers.

Printing with CreateSpace

You should thoroughly review your formatted manuscript before submission. Are all of the graphics in the right place? Are there any spelling mistakes? Has the table of contents been brought up to date? If everything is okay, then you can export the book via File | Export as PDF into PDF format. You should also check the PDF file for mistakes. Anything you overlook will end up in the printed version of the book.

You will need a CreateSpace [6] account to start your book printing project. Registration requirements include filling in the usual name, email address, and country of origin. Additionally, CreateSpace wants to know what type of media will be produced. For a book project, you should of course select the Book option. After confirming the account, you will need to start a new project (Figure 9). For the format, you should select Paperback and as a beginner, it is a good idea to take advantage of the Guided option.

Figure 9: CreateSpace lets you print a book and immediately release it over Amazon and other online book dealers.

In the next step, CreateSpace asks for detailed information about the book. The entries for Title , Subtitle , and Primary Author should be clearly stated. You will need to provide the names of other persons who have contributed to the book under Add Contributors . The fields for book series should only be filled out if you want to compete with the likes of J.K. Rowling and other series writers. The final points to address include entering the language for your book and the publication date.

Because you are publishing a book in print, you will need to have an international standard book number (ISBN). CreateSpace takes care of this detail for free. Otherwise, you can apply for an ISBN through the agency itself [7]. Note that an application will cost about $125.

Next, you need to consider preferences for form and layout (Figure 10). CreateSpace lets you choose between color and black and white print on various types of paper and in a variety of formats. Once you have made your selections, the final step is to load the PDF document to the CreateSpace site.

Figure 10: CreateSpace offers a variety of types of paper and printing methods for printing a book.

Next, CreateSpace will want to find out what kind of binding should be provided. Based on my experience with this provider, I recommend not changing anything here. The standard settings always deliver a good result. At the same time, CreateSpace will run a check on the PDF file you have uploaded and share the results in a control window.

When there are errors, go to Launch Interior Reviewer to find an analytics tool (Figure 11). This tool will help you determine whether the messages are pertinent by simulating the appearance of the printed version of the book and marking potential issues with the text and suggesting possible solutions.

Figure 11: The review assistant helps prevent errors like undersized images or running over page margins.

Depending on the type of error that appears, you may need to correct the manuscript file and create and upload a new PDF. You should repeat the procedures until no errors are reported by the reviewer, or until you don't consider a particular error to be of any significance.

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