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Issue 28: Alternatives: Discover the Worlds Beyond Ubuntu

Alternatives: Believe it or not, Ubuntu is not the be-all and endall of Linux distributions. You may think having hundreds, maybe thousands of distros, is overkill, but when someone, often a group of someones, has put time and effort into developing a new distro, you can be pretty sure it’s for a reason. In this issue of Ubuntu User, you may discover some of those reasons yourself.

Table of Contents


Free Software Has Lost free

Linux Mint 17.3 + Kubuntu 15.10

On the DVD free

Widen your horizons

Alternatives free

Lean Linux distributions for older hardware

Second Chance free

MX Linux combines the strengths of AntiX and Mepis

Two Hearts free

BunsenLabs Hydrogen – CrunchBang's lightweight successor

Bunsen Burner free

Put together your own distribution with PCLinuxOS

DIY Distro free

Bodhi Linux and the Moksha desktop

Enlightened free

Adding new functions to the Atom text editor

Easy Does It free

Editing Markdown documents with uText

Easy as ABC free

Dstat helps you figure out why your computer is running slow

Diagnostics free

Managing servers with built-in tools

Remote Control free

Generating barcodes and QR codes with LaTeX

Easy Codes free

Scripting around your Launchpad project

Lift Off! free

Find binary-like files with ssdeep

Pretty similar free

Lean Linux web browsers

No Bloat free

X Tile systematically arranges windows on the desktop

Laying Tiles free

Sync files between devices with Syncthing

Transfers free

Secure data, images, and more with qt4-fsarchiver

On the Safe Side free

Using OpenSCAD to model 3D structures

Block & Slice free

Scribus 1.5 is becoming the best open source DTP program

Print in Progress free

Installing Ubuntu 15.10

Installation Party free

NetworkManager and system updates

Active Traffic free

Software management in Ubuntu 15.10

Today's Specials free

Multimedia components and proprietary programs

That's Entertainment free


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