Search with Google in the terminal

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It is also possible to set up multiple aliases and assign labels of your choice. These could be for example g1 , g2 or gde , gus , etc. Once a new alias is saved, you can issue the command source .bashrc to activate them. You can temporarily bypass defined aliases on the command line outside of the omniprompt with a different construction such as:

g -n 20 -l us -c org <search term>

You can exit the omniprompt by pressing Ctrl+D.

Once installation is complete, Googler is ready to use. After entering googler without any further input, you will find yourself in the so-called omniprompt (Figure 1). This makes sense when you want to start more than one search. If you want to google for a single term, you can also enter:

Figure 1: The omniprompt can remain open all of the time in your terminal window.
googler <search term>

In the omniprompt, on the other hand, you only need to enter the search term itself (Figure 2). There is some useful advice you can access if you use the question mark, including for example using the n(ext) and p(revious) keys to scroll forwards and backwards through search results.

Figure 2: A simple search without parameters produces 10 search results.

Browsing Around

The search results produced are numbered consecutively. You only need enter and confirm the corresponding number in the browser in order to display one of the results. Your default browser will then open with the desired web page (Figure 3).

Figure 3: Entering the corresponding number opens the web page the user wants.

This also works outside of a graphical interface if you have installed a text browser like Links2 , Lynx or Elinks . Click on the yellow-colored URL if the option for opening URLs has been activated in the terminal. If a search term is entered incorrectly, the Google search engine generally corrects the mistake. However, corrections are not desired in some situations. If for instance you enter googler googler , the search engine will incorrectly change this to a search for the term "Google."

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