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In order to prevent Google's autocorrect, you can specify that the search term is valid exactly as entered. This approach works most of the time, but not always. For instance, the entry googler -x googler should produce the desired result. Unfortunately, the switch for this search term does not work. Results for Google are displayed instead of those for Googler. However, other searches that are entered with an -x are not autocorrected.

You can also limit a search to a particular website. The -w switch restricts the scope of the search. The second result for

googler -w cryptography

for example, is an introductory piece for Ubuntu User #27 (Figure 4).

Figure 4: The search can be limited to a single website.

You can also access Google News with Googler. The -N switch works here to fish out the current news for the search term you enter (Figure 5). Googler knows many other switches for controlling a search. The list of all of the parameters [4] (see Table 1) and a selection of examples [5] is helpful for getting acquainted with the entire collection of options.

Figure 5: You can also browse through Google News.

Table 1

Parameters in Googler

Parameter Function
-n<number> Show n sources (default = 10)
-N Show sources from Google News
-c <TLD> Show country-specific sources by TLD (-c .com )
-l <LANG> Show sources in this language (-l en )
-x Exact result, no autocorrection (not correctly implemented)
-C No colored output
-j Open the first result in the browser
-t <xn> Time limit (h5 = 5 hours, d5 = 5 days, w5 = 5 weeks, m5 = 5 months, y5 = 5 years)
See [4] for additional parameters


If you work part of the time in the terminal and keep at least one open, this tool could become a favorite. It helps you gain an overview of the results for a search and keeps distractions at bay. If you have also defined some aliases, you can work faster than with any other method. Frequent Google users will find a tool, when used correctly, saves a lot of time in both the home and the professional setting. I am giving it a big thumbs up.

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