Installing multiple operating systems on a USB storage device

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Additional Uses

The Menus tab contains some additional buttons in the right column. These make using MultiSystem easier. For example you can open a terminal in order to quickly execute commands on the command line without having to trouble your distribution's menu structure. The Format your USB key deletes data from a memory stick that you have used previously and automatically sets up a single partition. This is particularly useful when you use larger memory sticks that have multiple partitions. Since MultiSystem only recognizes the first partition on a data storage device, it is absolutely necessary that all other partitions be deleted so that the entire stick is available for use with the tool. The Install VirtualBox option lets you download the virtual environment VirtualBox directly from Oracle, its manufacturer, and put it on your bulk memory. This is helpful when you can't find this program in your Linux distribution's repositories.


MultiSystem finally makes mobile use of various operating systems possible without time consuming installation on internal bulk storage. However, the software still has a few defects. The program is fixated on Ubuntu and Debian. Therefore, users of other Linux derivatives will need to put the complete Ubuntu system on an optical data storage device in order to use MultiSystem. This process is inconvenient and takes more time than when you are dealing with software that has been integrated into an installed operating system. The list of supported distributions also needs some reworking. It contains distributions that have not been available for a long time. Other available distributions are not included on the list or some that do appear are no longer supported. It would also be a good idea if the French language project website were also available in other languages. Many users shy away from using what is a very useful tool because they do not want to have to deal with French.

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