Macro photography under Linux

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You can generate very good macro photos with focus stacking under Linux. However there are some issues involved. You will need to practice with lots of sample images before you can generate truly good images and understand how many levels you should use. Complex objects like those in the previous figure are difficult to create and require a lot of effort.

MacroFusion serves as the interface for the programs used for this technique, and it produces results quickly. However, command-line applications often yields better results. In particular, using your own masks (--save-masks , --load-masks ) expands the possibilities greatly.

And finally, it doesn't take much more to begin manual image compositing. If you make do without automatic alignment via align_image_stack , you can create images of optimal quality that you can then merge in high color intensity with Gimp starting with version 2.9. This method is not practical for moving objects.

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