Button Moving Script for Ubuntu 10.04


The new Ubuntu theme got a lot of community acclaim. However, a few commentators complained about a particular feature: the position of the buttons in the taskbar.

The Ubuntu designers most recently repositioned the buttons to close, minimize and maximize the window in the upper left corner. Those of us used to quick mouse activity might find the new positioning a bane to our workflow. Fortunately a new Python script exists to remedy this situation, as announced in the OMG! Ubuntu blog. The script repositions the buttons with the help of a GUI, thereby avoiding having to muck with GNOME's awkward GConf editor.

Downloading the script is as easy as following a link, storing it locally and executing it. Then in Nautilus it's simply right-mouse-clicking and selecting Properties:Settings and putting a check mark in "Run program as file." Finally, double-click the program, do an execute and the special window will show up.

( Kristian Kissling)

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