CeBIT Open Source Project Lounge Exhibit Space Winners Selected


The CeBIT Open Source project lounge which is part of CeBIT Open Source called for projects to apply for free exhibit space. A jury has now selected and announced the fifteen free, non-commercial projects that will receive exhibit space at CeBIT for free.

CeBIT will be devoting an entire section to the topic of open source and is sponsored by international industry associations and representative bodies such as the Linux Foundation, Linux International, the Free Software Foundation Europe and the LIVE Linux Association. The Open Source Forum will serve as the lively hub of the exhibition, which in turn features a diverse range of open source companies and independent projects.

Fifteen projects that have been selected and will be given exhibit space for free at CeBIT. The following projects have been selected: DaviCAL, OLAT, Crypto-Stick, XAMPP, Simon, Icinga, OpenEmbedded, VideoLAN, Scentlinux, Plone, Tellmatic, Enlightenment, TYPO3, GROUP-E and Navit.

The CeBIT Open Source Forum 2011 Program is also available and includes presentations on Security infrastructure for WLAN by open source (GE), Risk analysis in 5 minutes - with verinice (GE), The open source infrastructure cloud (GE), The Open Xchange webdesktop (EN), The open source BPM platform Activiti (GE), The Mozilla Membership Programm (EN), and more. Presentations will be presented in German (GE) and in English (EN) are are indicated on the schedule as to what language it will be presented in. Also these presentations will be live streamed from CeBIT.

( Amber Graner)

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