CloudSigma Offers Free Trial of Ubuntu 11.04 with full root access


CloudSigma, a European provider of cloud servers, announces the launch of the latest Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal) servers for instant deployment in its cloud.

"One of the key benefits of using CloudSigma is our open software layer. That means that its easy to add the latest software releases to our platform offering our customers the very best operating systems. In conjunction with our seven day free trial our cloud is an ideal opportunity to explore all the new features of Ubuntu 11.04," said Patrick Baillie, CoudSigma CEO.

According CloudSigma, each new Ubuntu 11.04 server can be added immediately by a user at the click of a button or via API and full, sole root access and control is granted to the customer allowing them to customize the server after initial deployment. Additionally, drives and servers can then be cloned allowing server clusters to easily be created using a customer's own customised template.

CloudSigma is offering a one week no-free trial so that interested individuals can get familiar with what Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) along with the full range of operating systems it supports.


( Amber Graner)

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