Eight RailsBridge Open Workshop 2011 Schedule Announced


The RailsBridge Open Workshop project, which teaches programmers and non-programmers how to develop web applications using the Ruby on Rails framework, announces eight free workshops in 2011.

"Although not exclusively for women, the San Francisco-based volunteers have focused their workshops on outreach to women in order to create gender diversity in the local tech community," says the press release. To date, the workshop project has trained almost 600 people and almost 500 of them were women.

Who is the target audience for these workshops? Anyone who has a laptop computer and is willing to invest their time in a Friday evening and full day on Saturday to learning how to develop a web application using the popular Ruby on Rails framework.

Below is the schedule for the 2011 confirmed workshops. More of these popular workshops are also being planned and some workshops are already full.

Date Location City Led By Other Information
February 4-5 Twitter San Francisco, CA Amy Chen already full
February 4-5 Hashrocket Chicago, IL Desi McAdam  
March 11-12 Enphase Energy Petaluma, CA Brenda Strech & Ilen Zazueta-Hall meetup
April 7-8 ModCloth San Francisco, CA Megan Guering  
April White Pages Seattle, WA Elise Worthy  
May 6-7 SoMA Central San Francisco, CA Andrea Ängquist & Raphael Lee  
July 15-16 Miso San Francisco, CA Amy Lightholder & Rachel Myers  
August 5-6 Quid San Francisco, CA Andrea Angquist & Walter Yu  

The workshops are looking for volunteers and sponsors as well. More information about all the opportunities surrounding these workshops can be found on the Ruby on Rails Open Workshop website.

( Amber Graner)

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